Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stupidity and other irritations

Lets get one thing straight. I have in the past done and said some pretty stupid things so with that statement I'd put that down to human nature. Indeed as someone once said, to err is to be human. Actually I have no idea who said that. The other day I went to my local pet store (of dubious practices) and patiently waited for service. There was a pregnant lady (not that it is of any consequence to this story) who was enquiring about kittens.

Stupid remark number one from the customer: "Yeah how much are those kittens? Do they catch mice at that age? I don't like mice. There's one in my house and I need a cat to kill it."

Returning stupid remark from the shop assistant showed no awareness about what the customer had just said and continued talking about what she would need to buy for the kitten.

I was absolutely gobsmacked! It was only the pregnant lady's friend that inject sheer commonsense to the half witted customer that perhaps that shouldn't be the only reason to by a kitten. Even at this point the shop assistant didn't even agree. I was quietly furious. I have been thinking of purchasing my pet food for my cats and fish elsewhere ever since. What a callous attitude towards selling animals responsibly. It still winds me up thinking about it. Come to think of it, Doctors actually advise against pregnant women living in close proximity to cats as a bacterial infection from a scratch could seriously harm the baby. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


I came home this evening and as per usual check my email hoping to hear from someone interesting. Instead I got an email from some bloke who "read" my blog. "Cool" I thought. Some has taken the time to read it. And quite a nice complement to have been told that he'd booked my blogsite. He even recommended looking at his own. All about internet dating. I smelt something suspicious in his apparently sincere email. Of course I took the time to read a snippet of his blog; which read like a bloody advertising feature for dating. This advise is free and to anyone who wishes to read it then be my guest but I won't bother putting a link or a mention on my site as I don't wish to line someone elses pockets......On the other hand I could be wrong and I will apologise. I think the former is likely. Thanks for the complement though and if whoever you are wishes to put something a little more personalised rather than a lot of self help techniques which to me sound like someone elses work than you own then perhaps I might re-visit your site.

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