Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Best Friends Wedding

No not the film. Please! I'm talking about a lovely friend of mine who's getting married at the end of this year. She and I had lunch today and we talked about Hen nights and Stag nights. I'm going to her fiance's stag night which is guaranteed to be a laugh and a half. Having said that she did invite me to her Hen's night out which if I was gay that it would be another matter. Given that they are planning to go to pole dancing lessons I should have taken up the offer. All those women swivelling their hips and shaking their......

The poor lass however near as damned asked me to convince her beloved one not to go to a strip club. Considering where it is we are going, I am certain that may not be on the cards. I've had other mates girlfriends/wifes to be saying pretty much the same thing. Why is that? Traditionally the whole point of a stag night is to keep the future missus guessing how there mates are going to lead him astray! I happened to mention to her that it was his final night as a single man which clearly was not the right thing to say. The thing is, these things never amount to a final night of debauchery. More like a bunch of friends making sure the groom doesn't choke to death on his own vomit. Getting arrest by the police is okay though. :-)

So to my dear lady friend, don't worry. He has only one thing on his mind and that is you.

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