Saturday, September 02, 2006

Boxing part 2

Bloody hell, I'd only just finished typing the last entry and the match was already over. It took Amir Khan about one minute and fifty one seconds to demolish him. Money's worth? No. A supreme fighter? Possibly. Most likely. Better than Nasim Hamed? Most definitely. One has to ask a question. Are all the fighters that are put his way just Hoodies or juvenile criminals trying to go straight? I want to give Khan credit for his talents as a boxer. All I'll say is lets see. I think a few more long distance fights under his belt and a good title fight will see him written in history....unlike Nasim Hamed who's poseur mentality destroyed his career against Barrera.

One more thing. He wasn't set for eight rounds. This is his last six rounder. Next time its a nine.

Ok. Testosterone blog entry over.


Barry Beef said...

that shit Hamed is out of chokey today

2Darts said...

May I should set up an anti Hamed campaign..what do you think?

Barry Beef said...