Thursday, September 14, 2006

A challenge to the bloke who wrote in earlier about dating

Okay Mister dating advisor. I've got one for you. As my recent status as the single man, I have like all single men the idea of dating an attractive lady. Picture this scenario. I wait every morning like so many others at the train station for the train to work. A fine looking lady has recently caught my eye. Obviously I have no idea whether she's married or partnered with someone or single. Instinct says she might be single. So everyday I contemplate the approach to striking up a conversation. But how on earth does one attempt light flirtation with the goal to asking her out on a date? A little while back I went to a friends monthly get together (a party for the intellectuals I think) where I struck up a conversation with a nice person. Exercising my charm and wit I got along with her rather well. At the end of the night I volunteered to make sure she got on the train home safely. At some point of the conversation she commented that I might be a "player" which to me was a leftfield complement. I have never ever been called a player. Somethings just come later in life for some. Anyway, to put you in the picture I think I am reasonably good at charming certain types of the opposite sex. The challenge in this particular scenario is chatting up a complete stranger at 8.45 in the morning which to be completely honest is a little difficult as most people are rather looking forward to a cup of coffee to wake them up than to get chatted up by a stranger. So Mr dating advisor, I put that one on you......

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