Saturday, September 09, 2006

My friend the Policeman

Its funny how things turn out. I sent an SMS to an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in a while to catch up on the past, present and future. We met at school when we were about twelve/thirteen years old I think and remained the best of friends until about the time I headed off to university where we still stayed in contact; I even became Godfather to his daughter. But as time moved on and obligations like girlfriends, career and ambition took over we saw less of each other until one of us or both had lost contact details. Years went by and I ocassionally wondered what he might be up to. Then thanks to modern technology and a a certain website called Friends Re-united, I found an message from him in my mailbox.

Fast forward to the near present.

After eight years of being out of contact, we met for a couple of beers in Chav city (Croydon). That was great. Nothing really changed apart from a slightly expanded waist and some bad habits (smoking). At the time he was training to be a policeman, which now that I think about it was probably the right move for him. He always had that 'strong arm of the law' about him.

Two years passed. I split up with my lady and all of a sudden there was room in my mind to think about all the people I hadn't seen in a while and the first person I could think of was my friend the policeman. We arranged to meet for a few beers yesterday. Just like old times. Really good fun and great to know that he passed his training and became a proper policeman. There was a sense of pride when I introduced my friend to some of my other friends at the local drinking establishment. Good on you mate!

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