Saturday, September 02, 2006


I'm a fan of boxing and Saturday evening was boxing night. Clinton Woods and Glyn Johnson's light heavy weight match was absolute classic boxing. Unfortunately I missed some of the game because I was watching a DVD. I saw the latter half and what a match! Technically not the best but just like playing a boxing game on the Xbox, an out and out pummelling. I thought round eight Johnson had it. A couple of right hooks followed by some well planted lefts left the champion Woods at the point of no return. From nine onwards Woods had it. Class. Calzaghe for the next one. Can't wait. Lets hope Amir Khan delivers in his usual lightening style. Just don't do a Hamed eh? He's fighting Ryan Barrett from Thamesmead. Barrett reckons like so many others that he's going to win. Really. We'll see. Having said that he is a southpaw so there's are fair chance he could do some damage. Amir's first fight to nine rounds. I'll update after the match........

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