Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pointless Evening

Yesterday like any day. Wake up, feel awful. Do the three S's. For those who don't know. A shit, a shower and a shave. Actually make that two. Shaving is an occasional thing. Get to train station hoping attactive woman is also there. Get to work. Have a dose of coffee and a bottle of Lucozade. Have lunch and work some more. Look forward to finishing work for the day and contemplate what to do with my time afterwards.

I've been a little better of late of resisting the temptation of visiting the local public house for a pint or two. Yesterday however was one of those days where the auto pilot within magically took me to the bar. I order my pint with the intention of leaving soon after that. Instead I struck up a conversation with the barman which meant a few more pints. Smiled at an attractive lady with the thought that she might be interested. Clearly not had enough booze to have the courage to strike up a conversation. A friend came to the bar and we had a conversation, by this time I was running on alchohol. Decided to have a swift drink (by this time had a little too much) at another pub. Realised how pissed I was and not in a fit state to take public transport home, my friend flagged down a cab and poured me into it (to which I am grateful). Grabbed a kebab on the way home and attempted to eat it. Polished off some wine and fell asleep. Woke up this morning and for the first time in a while I realised how extremely pointless it was to have got so drunk and to which I wondered what positive effect drinking so much had on me. The consequence of the previous nights boozing left me in a delicate state so I pursued a cocktail of coffee and lucozade. The thing that got me was ,as I boarded the lift to get to the cafeteria I cursed as the lift stopped one floor down, and in came a rather attractive, mature lady who was extremely friendly. Normally I wouldn't have a problem initiating some flirtation but I felt about as useful as a a fart in a spacesuit. As the day progressed the hangover took its time to disapate. Far too long for my liking. Then I recieved an email from a lady friend who I suspect clearly has the hots for me who invited me for a drink. The brain just couldn't cope anymore. I need to politely put that off for another day. In all honesty I think that relationships in the work place don't work. It wouldn't for me.

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