Friday, September 01, 2006

A Bush in the Hand is worth two in the Bird

I woke up to the silliest arguement on the news today about a certain TV dramatisation of George W. Bush being assassinated in 2007 during an anti-war rally. It was said by some to be irresponsible. How? For one, I cannot see how Doublya could ever attend or address and anti-war rally. Come on. The man believes he knows what he is doing! Secondly the article states that it may prompt people to carry out an assassination on him. What!!??!! How come I didn't think of that? Wow! Can you imagine all those would be assassins with that thought dawning on them. This programme could be used for educational purposes.

A Typical Scenario

Assassin flicking on the news to a newsreader with a nasally voice

Newsreader: "Today, UK TV channel More4 have been highly criticised and called irresponsible for televising a dramatised mooovie about our President George doublya Bush being assassinated in an anti-war march rally in Chicago 2007. It has been widely condemned by many of his ally (deliberate) Tony Blair and a few other less interesting leaders."

Assassin(1) to other assassin(2): "Jheezesus Bob, will yah check thad oud. Ya know we aint had no jaaaabss recentleeee. Whada great idea."

assassin(2): "Whaddya mean Toniee? That'll nev-voi woirk!"

assassin(1): "Why Bob?"

assassin(2): "What day is it Toniee?"

assassin(1): "Err da foist of September"

assassin(2): "Exactly. Der pullin yoir leg! Its like April fools day but in da Fall"

assassin(1): "Ah oh, okay Bob"

The telephone rings and Tony picks up the phone and listens to the person speaking and puts the phone down again.

assassin(1): "I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT. IT KNEW ALL ALONG!!! Hey Bob. Dat was da Boss. He says we gadda do a hit on the president. I knew it was a good idea."

assassin(2): "Okay, okay Toniee. Calm down. When is this programme on? We gadda learn some stuff off of dat."

The truth of it all is that isn't blindingly obviously that the man (as much as I think is a twat) is constantly under threat from a would be assassination. If anything, fine programmes such as '24' have as much 'damaging potential' as the next film/drama about the assassination of a president. Come to think of it. They should have banned Microsoft's Flight Simulator as it was believed that the suicide hijackers of the planes that hit the WTC and Pentagon used it to train.

Just one more thing. I've realised that my title sounds a little rude. If its doesn't then thats okay. I know of a certain Barrys Beef who would.

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