Saturday, April 07, 2007

Political Correctness

Just following on from the last post I must admit I was in the thick of the nineties political correctness. I was a university student at the time and I must admit whilst defining my identity after years of parental influence I experimented with PC'ness. On hindsight I will admit to feeling a little foolish about some of the opinions I held. But f**k it I got a few shags along the way. Oh dear. How un-PC was that! No seriously I find like with any kind of rebellion that there is an opposing reaction. The seventies and eighties were very much dominated by masculinity. The backlash of that were the nineties. Hey ho swings and roundabouts. Are we approaching some form of equilibrium? Or dare I say a form of utopia? Who knows.

As I'm writing this I am waiting in anticipation of Amir Khan boxing tonight. I wonder if this time around he'll fall. I hope not. He is one of our great british hope. Bring it on!!

My prediction for this evenings result. Amir to win, just and Joe to destroy the "Contender" upstart. I've never been a fan of American boxers just because most of them carry such vicious attitudes that clearly set themselves up for a spectacular fall should they lose. Big it up for British boxing!!

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