Friday, April 06, 2007


There was a lady I dated a while back. Admittedly through a little too much enthusiasm on my part I stuffed it up. We still remain friends however. Something touched me the other weekend. I was at my Dad's local when in she walked with a couple of friends. My family and I together with Guiness were sat talking away in the way we do. I called her over at a point in the evening whereby I introduced her to my gang. I was pleasantly suprised how easily she got chatting away to my Mum. It was later that night how she exclaimed how cool it was to hang out with my folks and how she admired how relaxed with each other we were. This is something I had not noticed. Its just the way we are. Then it twigged as she hinted at the fact that she doesn't have the same family unit. Her parents are thousands of miles apart, separated from each other. It was only through her admiration for what I have that made me appreciate that very thing I do have. Admittedly I also hoped that I scored some points in perhaps reigniting that failed date. Not quite.

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