Saturday, April 07, 2007

A New Boxing Hero

Enzo Maccarinelli. Tough surname to spell without looking it up. What a fighter! I look forward to Saturday night boxing. It almost rivals my fondness for Formula 1. Its only the second time I've seen him fight. Tonight was against Bobby Gunn. A total mismatch if ever I saw one but I tell you what, the man can punch; hard. Poor Gunn was clearly out gunned. I felt sorry for the poor man. It is a little disappointing to see that kind of match but it was a good demonstration about the power of Enzo. Solid punches and well placed ones too. A good quality boxer who has purpose to his game.

The quality of boxing has come back from the terrible days of Audley Harrison et al. More importantly quality boxing on free TV! As I'm writing this just after the mandatory watershed, I hear Enzo Calzaghe giving his boxer (no not Joe) the riot act. What a pleasant suprise to hear the F word on the telly.

Whilst recovering from last nights antics at "The Boy"'s event in Whitechapel I wondered if when I get to a pensionable age whether or not I would find some of the things televised shocking. Elements of TV at the moment do occasionally raise an eyebrow but nothing more than that. Programmes such as "The Word" and "Eurotrash" certainly caused a young Twodarts some amusement to watch the folks cringing at some of the more unusual practices of our european cousins. Eurotrash was usually commentated with a bout of tutting and sighing from my Mum and Dad preceeding the inevitable flicking channels (for there were only four at the time) until a marching order was issued to the bedroom for a good nights rest. Occassionally Pa twodarts and Ma twodarts would drift off to sleep allowing much amusement for me and sister Twodarts.

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