Saturday, April 07, 2007


Once I was an avid reader of such choice publications like FHM and Maxim. These days I read something for the mature batchelor. Arena. Whilst reading an article about something or other, there was mention about the fact that human beings have not evolved for the last 100,000 years. How bizzare? Or more to the point how true is that?

Lets say for arguements sake that it is true. Why haven't we evolved? Upon waking from a heavy night out on the town the other night it struck me that there is a very clear and obvious reason as to why we have stopped evolving. Human kind has since the beginning tried to find ways to cure illnesses. Medicines, potions and even hocus pocus magic have been used to cure us of such vile diseases. To our detriment. Medicine prevents evolution. Okay, man made medicine. Of course plants provide the majority of cures for various illnesses. But in our effort to find an effective and total cure for such things as cancer, terminal illnesses etc, we have produced treatments that cannot be considered natural. I wonder if the very treatments that prevent us from falling ill are actually doing us evolutionary harm by not allowing mother nature to sort out the weak from the strong. By preventing the spread of disease we promote the over population of the human species. Over population ultimately leads to more health related problems. So eventually leads to more medical cures.

Does this make any sense? How else does evolution work? I find taking pain killers for back pain to numb the pain a little strange. Why when your body is telling you that there is something wrong do we hide it by taking pain killers? Admittedly I've taken pain killers for back pain so that I might sleep better and not to get back to work as I have heard many people do.

Are we denying ourselves to evolve? Most probably. I'm no scientist but do we really think of the consequences of our actions? A perfect example of this is global warming. Did we ever anticipate at the beginning of the industrial age that we could have such an impact on our environment? No. But a lesson learned. Are we doing anything about it? Sort of. But for those who put economy over environmental issues will surely slow the process for stabilsing our planet.

Perhaps we too should look to how we are affecting our evolution. May be we should start looking to natural cures. Any one watch Medcine Man?

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