Saturday, April 07, 2007

British Heavy weights

Boxing for anything under the heavy weight division in Britain is coming home. All our best fighters are proving their worth on the international scene. And about time too. Ever since Nasim Hamed lost to Barrera, Britain had nothing to offer. Maybe Joe Calzaghe. Where do our hopes lie with the heavy weights? Michael Sprott? Don't think so. So he beat Audley Harrison. Harrison beat Williams. Williams beat Harrison. Skelton beat Williams. Williams beat Skelton. So what. Hardly the most thrilling of matches. Williams lost to Klitschko. Klitschko wants a fight with the Beast from the East. That's a proper pairing. Who is the Beast from the East? He is Nikolai Valuev. At over seven feet tall, he is the heaviest recognised boxer ever.

One interesting question someone asked me was what is fascination of two blokes or women beating the shit out of each other? I thought about this for all of about two seconds and came up with the answer. Take a seven foot fat bastard weighing twenty stone and put him up against a ten stone boxer and guaranteed the boxer would win. Why? Because a decent head shot would put the bigger bloke down. Its not about the sizeable difference, its about the ability to fight with some class and gentlmently conduct. We have all seen bar room brawls in our time and its not fair and its not pretty. The art of boxing is clearly a testosterone driven sport. The world needs it and indeed its a part of human nature. Going back in time, wars were won by nominating the hardest f**ker from each opposing army rather than risk the mortality of thousands of soldiers. I suspect boxing carries an element of this. Much like most sport. Okay I'm rambling a little but my point being that people enjoy watching the sport and it will continue. Besides boxing at its lowest ebb was in danger during the nineties brigade of politically correctness of being banned. The sport survived.

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