Friday, April 06, 2007


I have probably mentioned before that I am never envious of people and their good fortunes. I am probably this way as I know of too many people that like to do nothing better than get jealous and envious of people good luck. Its quite sad to see people seething at people's good luck. Makes them look pathetic. So whilst many of my friends are purchasing Xbox360's and PS3's etc, I am quite content with my ultra fast Dell XPS. For those that don't know what it is. Its a very fast PC designed to play games. Its now two years old and can still hold its own. I heard news that the hugely popular driving game Test Drive Unlimited was coming to our shores. It's been out on the Xbox360 and other consoles for some time. With the advent of high speed broadband connections I was able to download the whole game for a moderate price. No need to visit Croydon town centre and dodge the chav's. After 3 hours of downloading the game, I installed it and of I went. For an amazing three hours without realising the time. It is a game to be experienced. I am a test drive veteran. I bought the very first game on my Amiga A500 and followed its progress with much enthusiasm. This modern day version is technologically and graphically the best. Full stop. The Need for Speed series are fine games but nothing is as complete as this. There are one thousand miles of Hawaian road to travel on and unlike other games where you have to wait for the game to load the next set of tracks, this does this seamlessly. It is a welcome distraction and a good reason to stay in rather than go to the pub. Buy it now.

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