Friday, April 06, 2007

Barry's Beef off to the glue factory?

My mate Barry seems to going through a mid blog crisis. If I read correctly, he's taken a sabbatical this easter period. For reasons only he may know, we may or may not hear from the old bullock. It is true that when one enters the world of blogging that one has to feed the beast. But the thing that we lose sight of is the purpose or the reason we started a blog. I for one thought it a good way to open that valve of a pressure cooker environment I live in. In a world where gutsy opinion is stifled by virtue of the culture we live in, anonymising (is that a real word?) oneself makes it a little easier to say what we really want to say. Along with our online opinions occasionally attracts a population of readers. It is those readers that is the beast that needs feeding. Only if you want to. I for one have spent weeks without updating my blog for one reason or another. Usually its down to drug fuelled sex binges the night before. (Yes, alright, you can stop laughing, I am lying). My attitude towards blogging has always been the same. My blog is for me, what I write is my own, and who or what I write about is about me. Self obsessed? Not at all. What does one write about in a diary? Because that is essentially in its truest form what a blog is. Does one keep a diary about another person? That amounts to stalking and I'm sure the law that is in our fine country will find a way to convict that individual.

So Barry my friend, take a chill pill, its your blog, and blog if you want to. You'll be missed if you stop blogging. And if you do then I for one will miss reading your load of old bullocks.

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