Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Special DVD deals

Being ill has its advantages. That DVD I bought a while ago on a whim now beckons me. Its funny how stupid people can be some times at DVD sales. Buy five for twenty quid. You get my drift. After much browsing you have selected four. You need five though otherwise the deal doesn't work and you have to pay for all four as individually priced. Which would amount to about seventy quid. This certainly has been the case for me and I've always opted for something I have never ever contemplated watching but I have chosen because Empire magazine rate's with four stars out of five.

For months this DVD sits on the shelf and if it had a voice would constantly be shouting "why the f*ck did you buy me?", "Watch me! watch me pleeeaaaaaseee!".

The only trouble I have now is which one out of five "dust gathering" DVD's should I watch?

The BBC production of Rome beckons me....

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