Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cold callers

Yesterday I celebrated popping into this world thirty three years ago to an almighty cold. A head full of snot and an insistent need to reduce the rainforest by a third due to the amount of tissues I am going through at the moment. I wake today feeling worse than before. Whilst making some green tea (what? 2Darts getting healthy?) the phone rings. Now normally I wouldn't answer the phone if I am at home during the day. But high on lemsip and sudafed capsules I pick it up. There is this phenomenon recently where companies use overseas cold call centres. This is easily identified by a pause before the person calling says something. Immediately I put the phone down. Seconds later the phone rings again. This time I thought it might be important. Alas not. Some dip shit calling from f*ck knows where wants to sell me something to do with finance. Immediately I reply that I am quite unwell and in no mood to speak to anyone.........

"I understand Mr 2Darts but this finan.." (Click). I put the phone down. What is wrong with these people ?

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