Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spartans and the Persians

I watched "300" the other day. About the 300 Spartan soldiers that held off a load of Persians. In a nutshell.

Okay. The leader of the Spartan posse was none too happy about an offer from the Persian crue to take over there land, resources and bitches and hoe's. So returned a polite message by way of killing the messenger. The Spartan dope smokers (priests) decided it would be unwise to defend or attack the persian army. Leonidas the boss had to heed this instruction and decided to go out for a pleasent country walk instead with his 300 personal body guards and perhaps meet a few hundred more mates along the way for a stroll to the beach. Much fighting thereafter ensues when the Persian lot didn't want to play beachh volley ball. The end I'll save for you to find out for yourselves.

The effects are spectacular. The acting, mmmmmm, good but not great. Blood content? Even Dracula couldn't drink that much. Decapitation and limb swapping, hardcore!

Go watch it if any of those things don't bother you too much. If they turn you on however then can I recommmend you see some who'll lock you up for a while.

On a final note. As I surfed the web, I noticed that many Iranian's were up in arms (not literally, now that would be stereo-typing) about the representation of the Persian army in the film. Funny how I didn't see greeks complaining about when "Alexander" with Colin Farrell acting as the man himself enjoying a bit of man loving, or the countless number of films about World War one and two the Germans night might been little upset about?

The BBC are planning a blockbuster movie about Maggie Thatcher and the run up to the Falklands war. I can't wait to see the reaction to that. Helen Mirren for the leading lady again? Or perhaps the puppet out of spitting image for the role.

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