Wednesday, March 28, 2007


In our relative time of peace. Yes one could argue that we are not. World wide terrorism is not a new thing. Its always been here. So I was curious to hear about two old allies arguing with each other about the corpse of a bear shot in Bavaria. The Italians claim that it is their corpse of a bear and demand it back from the Germans immediately. The Germans say the corpse belongs to them. Here's the little fact that got me interested. For the first time in one hundred and seventy years, a brown bear had been spotted in Germany. And what of the reaction? Shoot the bastard because its killed a few sheep, some rabbits and a guinea pig! The Alaskans and Canadians have a much better solution if a Polar bear or a Kodiak bear runs rampage. Tranquilise the poor thing and helicopter it to some remote region away from humans. So one hundred and seventy years and finally this poor bear, probably on his holidays to Germany from Italy feels a little peckish. Perhaps one too many a sheep goulash and bang. Off to bear heaven he goes.

Why on earth would anyone want a bear corpse anyway eh?

Oh. The germans apparently want to stuff the animal for display as evidence that wild bears do exist in the forests of Bavaria. How clever.
Incidentally to make matters worse. They've tried to humanise the poor creature by calling him Bruno.

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