Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iranian Captives

Oh dear. The recent news of British Navy sailors and marines being held in Iran does seem a little coincidental to some of the posturing that is happening about Iran's nuclear capabilities. The bush administration for one can't think of a good enough excuse to bomb targets in Iran so what to the British and American govenments decide to do? Send in some people into Iranian waters to be conviniently captured. Then numerous "attempts" are made to free the hostages before a full scale attack occurs. Stick and carrot spring to mind.

Tony Blair has recently announced that if diplomatic manovures fail to secure the release of the navy personnel that events would "enter a new phase". A blatant threat of military force if ever I heard of one. Some how, I doubt very much that our forces have the strength in numbers to do anything about it. Time to call George Junior for a favour. Is this the perfect excuse for a full scale military attack? Possibly.

If I sound pro-Iranian, I am not. I do see the cynical ploy behind this though. You only have to look at the last example for the justification for war to know where I am coming from.

Maybe it will never happen....I hope.

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