Monday, July 02, 2007

Paris Hilton

Is the whole jail thing yet another publicity stunt for a gullible American audience? I say America, and it only happens in America, a current affairs programme decides to lead in the day's news with the story of Paris Hiltons release.

The most irritating thing about it all is the fact that as the poor lady protests (I'm 100 percent behind her), her wimpy anchor man not only takes the piss but sounds so condescending I'm totally suprised that she didn't slap in the face. Oh and to top it off, he has to cheek to mention that her Dad thought she was a mouse and this was her way of proving the opposite! Go get some balls man and back up your team mate!

The thing that makes it all the more ridiculous is they were adament on showing the Paris Hilton clip when the following news was of a more important nature...Watch the YouTube clip and see for yourself.

The only other really good thing about mentioning Paris Hilton is that I might get a slightly above average readership, probably mostly from spotty teenage geeks or fathers in mid-life crisis though.

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