Monday, July 02, 2007

Stay of Execution for the Sports and Social Smoking ban

HOT OFF THE PRESS. The Sports and Social is now an outdoor pub....All the lines are being re-worked out in the court yard. Extensions of the bar at the designated smoking outlets. Shouldn't these reserved smoking areas have kiosks selling cigarettes too?

As the A-Force quite rightly said in his article about our friendly barmaid now denied her favorite past time of cleaning the ashtray's every five seconds. What is there to do? I see constructive dismissal here. Bring out the lawyers! Unions Reps! Injury Lawyers4U! Come to thee!


Anonymous said...

how are you doing re flammable leaves - still off the stuff?


2Darts said...

Hey Guin, I know that tobacco has been banned from every inch of the country (it might as well be) but you aren't going to get arrested for just saying it! :-)

I thought burning things was more your style so I suppose I could ask you the same question but in a different context. :-)

Erm. No. I blame it on beer pressure.