Friday, July 06, 2007

Losing My Religion

Actually I don't have one to lose. I had a moment of inspiration the other day but it took me a while to get round writing this one down.

Can a person have more than one religion to follow? Here are some interesting cominbations:

  • Mormon and Paganism
  • Jainism and Taoism
  • Rastafari and Hinduism
  • Islam and Judaism
  • Baha'i and Sikhism
  • Christianity and Santeria

Your wondering why I've paired them up. To add a little controversy. There's clearly one that screams controversy. Or does it?

Many of the faiths believe in a higher being. So there's a common theme. Theoretically, both religions should happily co-exist. So in their purest form and to follow what those religions dictate to the letter and without interpretation would mean we would all live in peace and harmony. Not so fast.

Its the manipulation of religion that makes a point of segregation. Our wonderful land is a testiment to all followers of all religions who don't do the "my religion is better than your religion" trick. We all live happily ever after. Its those who choose to play that game that ruin the party.

Personally, I think that if I join every single faith, then I should be okay with everyone. Where do I sign?

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