Sunday, July 08, 2007

Being Content

Contentment is something that is easy to come by or very elusive. Some people find contentment in the very simplest of things. Some people find it bettter to create something complex perhaps because they want it to be that way.

Drink or drugs or both at the same time can make a person feel content. Running for twenty miles may do it for someone else. What ever the resolve, it works. I've been wondering what truly makes someone happy. Is it the company they keep? The copious amounts of stimulants? What is it? And why sometimes does it feel like a temporary fix? I think everyone has a desire to attain this nirvana. Not the temporary bit but the permanent bit.

I don't think that life ever delivers exactly what we want or desire on a permanent basis. Usually through our own imperfections I think that sometimes we desire for those cosy, nice things to be just temporary. Is that more of a reflection of a desire to live our lives more in a society so regimental and strict that occasionally its okay to fuck things up once in a while just so that it challenges our characters?

When wars don't happen, we want war. When its the other way around there is nothing more desirable than peace. Is it human nature to have these little wars? Or big ones? Sounds like sometimes its a desire to feel noticed. Or loved in a twisted way.

Even the most comfortable position that we can be in sometimes falters a little. Maybe to fuck up is to improve. With every iteration of cocking something is only for a desire to be better than we are.

2Darts not on drugs but just thinking very deeply about things. Oh and a crap week.

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