Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I rather foolishly thought about being in Britain and being subjected to torrential rain and widespread flooding wasn't so bad as being hit by hurricanes or unbelievable droughts that have hit parts of the African continent. My neighbour and I spoke briefly yesterday morning about the virtues of living in a first floor flat and how this years flooding of our road was a little more hairy than before. Oh how we laughed.

Then I saw the pictures and film footage of flooding in parts of the country. People have lost their lives. People starving, and people believe it or not are thirsty. All that water and not a drop to drink.

One thing I will say to those Chavvy kids with their Pitbulls letting them crap on pavements and peoples lawns. That'll teach you to think twice about doing that again. Think about every time you've seen a dog, cat, fox, squirrel or person, piss or shit on the pavement or shop enterance or lawn and then think about the fact that the stuff never goes away. Then think about having to wade in knee height water.......hopefully without any cuts or grazes.

The entire public transport system grinds to a halt, people stranded for days in areas they would rather not be without warmth, food or water. Property destroyed. We seem so protected from natural disasters that affect other parts of the world. Its only when it comes/floats to our doorstep that we finally understand what other people have felt.

Is the recent flooding a consequence of mankind? You betcha!

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