Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weather Babe

Such a coincidence that my pal Barry's Beef came all over star struck the other day when he met an ex-eastenders character on the tube. He even had the balls to have a chat with him and get an autograph. Lucky man that old Beefy. Not quite attractive the lovely lady you see here though.

Coincidence indeed that I spotted the hot weather girl that I wake up to first thing in the morning on the tube yesterday morning. Clare Nasir who you all know from GMTV. I'd just like to say a fine woman with some very nice weather fronts to boot. Of course Monday morning's are just not the time to talk to anyone least alone a stranger and unlike Barry's Beef I certainly didn't have any alchohol to pursuade me to tap her on the shoulder and tell her how those camera's just don't do justice to her. Clare, keep up the good work you sexy little minx.

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