Saturday, July 22, 2006

An Electric Feeling

The United Kingdom is going through rather freakish weather we can agree. Blisteringly hot and humid summers, mild dry winters, freak flash floods and tornadoes. Just the average kind of weather for the U.S. too. I must admit though for the last couple of days, I've found the thunder and lightning absolutely exhilirating! Old blighty isn't what you'd call exciting (weather wise). We've been fairly lucky in having middle of the road type weather. Not too extreme in any sense. Correction. The south east of England suffers no extremities. Why is that ? The north get most of the rain, the south east get a drought warning. Scotland gets the major share of the snow and is always guaranteed a white christmas (ish) whereas the south east gets a dandruffs worth of covering. Maybe I should consult my American Indian rain maker friend for some exciting weather. Well perhaps not. I don't have an American Indian rain make friend.

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