Saturday, July 15, 2006

Getting older and Cars.

When I was a kid, my kind of car, was the one that my Dad drove. Yes an Austin Allegro. Then it was the Ford Cortina....Then it dawned on me that there are other cars in this world other than my Dads. Bring on the Lamborgini Countach LPS500. Not the original girly effort. This version was the 80's icon for excess. It had outrageous spoilers, air ducts etc....It was a mans cars.

As time has passed my tastes have changed somewhat to something more realistic and affordable. The Ford Mustang is one car I would love to drive. I couldn't however justify the cost of ownership. With soaring costs in petrol, tax and maintenance, what would be the point ? It would be nothing more than a poster on my wall. Even now. Alas with the cost of living in a city like London I am bound to the delights of public transport. Will there be a day when I could afford one of these magnificent classic cars ? Maybe.

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