Saturday, July 15, 2006

Addictive TV

I must admit, I am getting grumpier as I get older. There are things that irritate me about current TV programming in this country. Bland sitcoms due to the fact that TV executives are scared witless of offending the Politically Correct brigade and crap reality TV shows, TV show's about how to dress, how to lose weight; shows about ugly people, fat people, irritating people etc. Even the mainstay of British television such as soap operas have taken a nose dive (not that I'm much of a fan of that). I am a hardworking individual that would liked to be entertained/informed/satisfied for the monthly premium that is paid for cable TV. It was by chance then that I came across 24. I'd been reluctant to watch such shows before as I'd cultured a cynical view of american imported TV shows. How wrong I was though. This is TV at its best. I had never managed to catch it on TV but due to DVD I can now watch it all. Not at once of course alll though admittedly I've done sixteen hours in one sitting. How on earth they manage to maintain that level of continuity is remarkable. I'd also like to honour 'Alias' too for being such a fine programme. Admittedly my initial reasons for watching it were hormonally driven but fast became a very addictive show. I do however feel a sense that due to the very success of these programmes that there will be many poor imitations that will exhaust this type of programming and then once again we have to suffer the mediocrity of untalented producers who can't think of anything original. Boo.

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