Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FHM, LOADED, etc....

LADS MAGS: Make them 'top shelf', says MP

Sexually explicit 'lads mags, should be kept on the top shelves in newsagents along with porn mags to keep them out of reach of children, a Labour MP will tell the House of Commons today.

The MP for Crosby, Merseyside, Claire Curtis-Thomas, says the content of the magazines is 'repulsive' and 'degrading to women'.

But under current voluntary rules the magazines can be displayed alongside newspapers and lifestyle mags.

Ms Curtis-Thomas will present her Regulation of Sale and Display of Sexually Explicit Material Bill in the Commons under the Ten-minute Rule Bill and call for a new regulatory body to oversee the sale of sexually explicit magazines which are not regarded as 'top shelf'.

Ms Curtis-Thomas said, " Whilst I am not advocating the censorship and prohibition of such literature for adults, there must be safeguards in place to protect minors from this obscene material."

What will ever happen to the Sun newspaper or The Daily Sport then eh ? Eventually they'll ban everything to the top shelf. My newsagent Mr Shah will probably have to re-mortgage his house and family to pay for an extension on his top shelf.

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