Saturday, June 17, 2006

Behind Every Good Woman is a good .....

So there we have it. Hazel Blears (or Blair) has announced that the current leadership of the Labour party is not great. Ok. We know that. More interestingly though is the enthusiastic criticism of David Cameron and his red/blue party. It's time a female MP stepped up to almost suggest that perhaps she can do the job better herself. I'm not being sexist in any way whatsoever. Think about it. Gordon Brown up against the new boy in the next election ? Gordy wouldn't stand a chance. A slightly over than middle aged man who likes listening to the "Arctic Monkey's ?" (I think he said that in an interview once) Why not give it to someone already outspoken about the reality of the failures of New Labour eh ? So she can in one breath, discredit the leadership skills of present and potential PM and make amends. Oh, and she'd make a great Prime Minister in much the same way Maggie did. What goes around comes around ?

She seems to be a very clear candidate for the leadership. A very confident one......and may just save the Labour party.

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