Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life's Mysteries

There is nothing worse in the entire world than to wake up with the biggest hangover of all time. Yes its been a while since I last wrote. This is mainly down to work. Last night was one of the biggest piss up's I've been to in a while. Beginning at the local watering hole that is the Sports and Social and on to the Marquis of Granby. What happened after I stepped in there is a real mystery. Getting home is a real mystery. I was however totally hammered. Strangely enough though I managed to order pizza. I hope I paid the pizza man. One of the most fascinating things about getting hammered is waking up the next morning and check that modern miracle, the mobile phone. Several things can happen. A late night call to a girl friend or ex-girlfriend, a prank call to a random number (I'm sure I did that), ordering food and then passing out (I did that once), a call to a mate who you haven't spoken to in a very long time (and probably for a very good reason), arranging to meet someone and totally forgetting about it the next day.

For people who don't drink alchohol, seeing a bunch of people pissed out of there head must be pretty amusing/disgusting/appalling. I have a friend who doesn't touch the stuff for religious reasons. Never tried it either. His running commentary is amusing though. His snootiness towards people who nip off for a lunch time hydraulic sandwich is a little annoying but much of the time quite hilarious. What would the world be like without alchohol? Is it time to find out?

A nation on the brink of a smoking ban is quite interesting. Our smoking european neighbours (I read the stereotype somewhere) will somewhat be displeased. Will it harm our tourism business? Will pubs close? Probably not. Finally some sense has come to this government. This ban is great for people like me who associate drinking with smoking and vice versa. For me specifically, I welcome the ban as I'm of a character that will happily continue to do something until I'm told not to. What will they ban next? Alchohol? If statistics are right about binge drinking and kids getting hammered on Diamond White then lets ban that too. After all isn't that bad for us?

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