Friday, May 18, 2007


There are triggers in peoples lives that make them do the stupidest of things. You might know where I'm going with this. Brain washing, hypnosis, and booze. How on earth are these three things linked? Stating the obvious. Brain washing, hypnosis and boozing are all done voluntarily. No one forces you to either of the three. For example, those crack pots who are members of Scientology as demonstrated on YouTube. Hypnosis as demonstrated by Paul McKenna. If you're from the UK then replace Paul's name with your own popular Hypnotist. And finally, huge amounts of any kind of alchohol. There are however moments when boozing, up to a point, where people can be utterly inspiring. That is until one has had way too much. Waking up this morning feeling on top of the world in a hangovered kind of way was really great. Slightly annoyed however by the feeling that from the Marquis of Granby onwards was a little blurry.

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