Tuesday, February 06, 2007


After fatefully searching for Steak and Cheese sauce some months ago, I have found the perfect recipe for a stilton sauce to go with my steaks. Unfortunately the ingredients necessary to bring about this sauce contains wine. Surely there must be a wine substitute. Please don't think that I'm going all evangelical on the whole alchohol thing. I was in the pub last night for a short while. But why is it that some of the finest dishes, sauces and desserts contain alchohol of some sort. Okay perhaps Steak and Guiness pie not so good. I had a bad experience with one. Well the person who cooked it for me made a mistake. Whilst the ingredients listed in the book was for four people, we were but two. So accounting for this everything was halfed. Except the amount of Guiness. So while the aroma was fantastic, the overdose of guiness was not...

I had an interesting conversation with a work colleague. While solving one of lifes mysteries in the world of computing, Pilot man (as I shall call him), described in some detail about his eating habits. One not to shun away from such a delightful topic pursued this line of conversation. Which accumulated into one about steaks. Mmmmm. Steaks. And it seems as though Pilot man and I have both been to the same website proclaiming to offer a 72oz steak for free. That's about over two kilograms of cow flesh. It has to be consumed with a potato and salad within an hour. Sounds like a dream come true for both Pilot Man and I.

The trouble is that while Good Old Blighty, thanks to the Blair years, had accelerated the process of trying to become the next state of America by allowing american supermarkets to bring cheap food and booze to the masses, fast food establishments spreading like some kind of disease and finally that place where they have loadsa cocktails and bubbly (on the verge of insane) waiters and waitresses waiting hand over foot to ensure your meal is exactly like the varnish representation on the menu, phew, TGI Friday. Where are these infamous steak houses in the UK? Are there any? Does a road trip beckon with my new friend Pilot Man? Umm. Dunno. Perhaps a trip to the local butchers might work. I wonder how much two kilograms of steak would cost here?