Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gary McKinnon ....The modern Day Robin Hood.. Hacker

Sorry for not posting earlier. I've been rather busy applying for jobs.

This McKinnon chap is rather a fascinating character. A certain Walter Mitte springs to mind (by the way I'll find the correct surname spelling). No doubt that he is a competant hacker but if anyone who has a reasonable idea of IT security should know that some of what his interview (see the bbc new website video) contains is of a man who clearly has been caught, wants to have a media prescence, and is trying to impress the general public with his findings which may or may not be true (he's been a very, very silly boy). As I'm writing this I've listened to his reasoning behind the hack, his remorse, his lack of ability to lie about the technology used to 'hack' into confidential closed networks. Who on earth would be stupid enough to have an outward facing corporate/military/governmental network to the internet ? How on earth would he have tunnelled through the VPN to a network containing such sensitive information ? Who would be stupid enough to expose such an easy way to get in through a firewall ? Who would be stupid enough to hang a modem off the back of a PC on a 'closed network' ?

Don't answer that. Or do if you think you know.

The technology he described that was used seem's, how can I say, incapable of producing such covert an operation. He say's that his hadn't been detected in two years yet he was using a remote desktop tool, i.e. SMS or VNC. The Java version of VNC perhaps as he described. Even so, I think there is only one answer for this. He clearly got suckered into a honeypot. Designed as a trap for the intelligence unit to understand the profile of a modern hacker....

Nice try Gazza. UFO's ? Pictorial evidence that he just managed not to get in time ? After two years ? Could one apparently intelligent person not have realised after all that time that he might want to take a record of all this. After all, his reasoning was because the public needed to know.

Smell the air man. There's more to life than watching the X-Files. I have a conspiracy theory of my own. How about this Mr McKinnon that you've actually been tampered with and reprogrammed into creating this whole story....or employed by the secret service to otherwise follow this line of enquiry to detract from something that might be more ....

....God I do miss the X-Files :-)

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