Thursday, May 25, 2006

Favorite Post Pub Food

While hard at work with the BBC News 24 channel in the background pumping out more depressing news, I listened to the news of several arrests relating to terrorism. Apparently, the surveillance carried out included internet cafe's, peoples homes and kebab shops. Kebab shops ?

I on occassions enjoy the delights of a polystyrene box of heart attack food but would never have expected the old kebab shop to be a venue for plotting world domination. Imagine that ? Chief Al-Qaeda generals sitting round a table with secret schematics and plans for attacks on targets around the country munching on a large meat (could be chicken because its healthier) doner, extra chilli sauce and a large helping of salad minus the beer, presumably because said nutters don't drink the evil that is alchohol. What ever next ?

I guess US CIA operatives counter planning a strategy to end world terrorism in the bowels of McDonalds!!!

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